Load business-ready data from Singular into Google Data Studio in a few clicks

By Saadi Muslu June 11, 2020

We’re excited to announce that Singular is now integrated with Google Data Studio! This new integration enables marketing and BI teams to automatically load clean, structured marketing and attribution data from Singular directly into their Data Studio account to build custom reporting dashboards. By offloading the need to build and maintain marketing data pipelines, companies are able to save precious engineering resources and focus on business-critical projects instead.

What is Singular?

Marketing and BI teams from Lyft, Airbnb, Zynga, LinkedIn, Rovio, Twitter, and others choose Singular to unify their marketing data, apply attribution, and make faster, better decisions to unlock growth. Singular’s open integration framework enables seamless marketing data collection from thousands of sources, like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and many more publishers, influencers, and even offline channels. All that disparate data is then normalized, enriched, and joined with our industry-leading schemas into a single data table.

Example of data standardization schema

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a visualization and reporting tool, and an integral part of Google Marketing Platform and lets you create beautiful, informative reports that are customizable and easy to understand and share. 

Our integration with Data Studio enables seamless data transfer in just a few clicks. Singular collects campaign data, including ad spend and clicks, as well as conversion data like revenue and ROI, from a slew of marketing sources and normalizes it all into a single table.

Common customer use cases include:

Power Custom Marketing Dashboards

Use Singular to load granular marketing data for your campaigns, creatives, and keywords into a unified table. With access to complete and granular data, combined with Google Data Studios’ powerful querying and visualization capabilities, it’s now easier than ever to create customized dashboards that surface key insights. 

Build custom reporting dashboards for improving the efficiency of your team, provide visibility to management and external teams, build dashboards which are channel-specific like Keyword level analysis for AdWords. The opportunities are endless.

Analyze Customer Behavior Patterns for Better Segmentation

Copy marketing performance data from Singular, such as ad spend, clicks, country breakdowns, campaigns and creatives, into your data warehouse and join this with proprietary data, such as transactions and purchases. Companies will have much deeper segmentation information based on where they spend advertising dollars and the ROAS each customer segment produced. 

A sample dashboard you can build using Singular’s integration with Google Data Studio

What is Singular’s Marketing ETL solution?

Singular’s Marketing ETL takes all marketing data collected by Singular’s Marketing Analytics platform and packages it into a single data table that can be loaded to any data warehouse or data visualization tool. 

Thanks to Singular’s ETL, loading business-ready, enriched performance data into Data Studio has never been easier. There’s no code required to start pushing data to Google Data Studio. Teams simply enter credentials and the data pipelines are automatically built, making your advertising and attribution data easily accessible. 

This solution is already powering marketing and business intelligence teams to do deeper analysis and project where future marketing dollars should be spent.

How can Singular’s Marketing ETL help my company?

Engineering teams:

  • Unifies all your marketing channels into one table with a business-ready schema.
  • Reduces requests from marketing teams like new channel integration requests and data discrepancies
  • Ensures your data will always be accurate – Singular ETL is a fully managed solution with monitoring 24/7. 

Marketing teams:

  • 100% coverage of all advertising spend guaranteed–even those partners where there is no API available
  • Create powerful marketing dashboards by joining Singular data with your proprietary data
  • Save valuable hours every week calculating return on investment for each marketing source and gain more time you can put towards optimizing campaigns with Singular’s cost aggregation solution
  • Add new channels without breaking existing dashboards and save engineering resources
  • Align internal teams and work towards common goals with a single source of truth


What is required to visualize my marketing data to Google Data Studio?

The Singular and Google Data Studio integration streamlines data infrastructure to empower marketers to build more effective growth strategies based on accurate, relevant datasets. 

Marketing automation in the early stages is extremely beneficial if your focus is to scale and have a quick insight into marketing analytics. Try Singular free with Google Data Studio and automatically load clean, organized marketing data directly into Google Data Studio without having to write a single line of code. 

If you’re an existing customer that would like to know more about how to send data to your internal database, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to start that conversation.

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