Singular and Google Announce Support of View-Through Conversions for Better Campaign Insights

By John Koetsier May 9, 2018

Today, Google announced they will enable marketers to measure view-through conversions (VTC) for AdWords app install campaigns. With this release, you can now get conversion insights without users clicking on an ad.

So what’s in it for you?

Jonathan Chen, Director of Product at Singular noted that “with Google’s release of view-through conversions, you can more accurately measure and understand the performance of your AdWords campaigns, particularly video ads.“ The most notable win is having more accurate ROI calculations of your AdWords campaigns.

By having your view-through conversions broken out from your click-through conversions you can conduct a more accurate analysis of the engagement with an ad and compare that engagement across channels. For example, many of our customers will compare installs and revenue by conversion type across channels, and then optimize against calculated revenue per install based on views vs. clicks.

Singular is happy to fully support Google’s VTC release!

Singular reporting by conversion type

Supporting Google VTC is another step forward in Singular’s commitment to providing the most complete and accurate representation of your data. With this release, Singular users can now measure and compare Google’s performance by conversion type (view-through vs. click-through conversions) at the app, source, and campaign level.

Are you a Singular client and have more questions about Google’s VTC release? Reach out to your client success team to get the full download.

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