Singular & Release State of the Industry: Digital Marketing Measurement

Digital ad spending continued to swell in 2017, increasing 16% to reach $224 billion worldwide, with mobile ad spending accounting for a record 63% of total spend, according to estimates by eMarketer.

As the cost and demand for digital ads grow, so too does the importance of digital marketing analytics. Yet the amount of data sources funneling information into the modern-day marketing stack is continuing to expand, placing a heavy burden on marketing teams to effectively ingest, analyze and optimize increasingly large and diversified sets of marketing data.

In Singular &’s State of the Industry: Digital Marketing Measurement, we set out to understand how marketers are handling today’s marketing data deluge. Survey results highlight a host of fascinating trends in the digital marketing world and reveal where leading digital marketers are making their largest investments in terms of ad partners, infrastructure and analytics providers.

Produced in partnership with, the world’s leading community for growth-focused mobile apps, the State of the Industry survey drew responses from Singular customers including StitchFix, Kabam, Lyft, NexonM, Yelp and Ibotta as well as non-Singular customers.

Respondents represent a broad array of verticals, geos, team sizes, budgets and revenue streams, with more than three-quarters of respondents identifying their businesses as “mobile-first” companies whose primary touchpoint is a mobile app.

Below is a snapshot of findings from the survey. For a complete list of findings and analysis, download the full report here.

  • Media Sources Surging: The average digital marketer spends across 12 different media sources at any given time, but in 2018, 51% of marketers say they plan to increase the number of media sources they use.
  • MarTech Complexity: On average, marketers utilize 17 marketing tools and services to run their digital marketing campaigns.
  • Analytics Woes: Notably, only 13% of marketers are confident in the accuracy and completeness of their data, while just 8% of marketers are confident they’re attributing campaigns across devices and platforms.

Average number of media sources, 2017


With this wealth of new data comes major analytics challenges. In 2018, as marketers increase the media sources they use, go deeper on specific platforms, and advance their analytics toolset to support both efforts, the size and diversity of the data they can collect is constantly growing and evolving.

To remain competitive in 2018, mobile marketers understand they must meet these challenges head-on with automated solutions that unlock granularity, quickly expose data inaccuracies and fraud and, above all, centralize the full gamut of marketing data in a single platform. Call it the Catch-22 of modern-day marketing: an ever-increasing need for crystal-clear analytics amid an ever-increasing flood of data.

It’s no surprise, then, that 98% of marketers prefer a single platform for measuring marketing performance.

A single source of truth for marketing data allows marketers to analyze, optimize and automate marketing data with far greater precision and far better results. These are the capabilities that will allow growth-focused apps in 2018 to distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive digital economy.

So how do you stack up against the competition? Download the report now.

Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite: The Most Sophisticated Fraud Prevention in the Market, at no Additional Cost

Advertising fraud is expected to divert $6.5 billion from the advertising ecosystem in 2017, according to research by Gartner. Yet 63% of marketers do not utilize fraud prevention techniques in their mobile marketing systems.

We don’t want our customers to be another statistic. This is why we have taken a new approach to fraud prevention. While most attribution providers are treating fraud prevention as a luxury, charging exorbitant fees to “add on” prevention technology, Singular believes it is a necessity and should be included as part of the attribution solution. Additionally, while many providers offer comprehensive insights into the fraud that is taking place, these insights are not necessarily actionable or proactive.

As such, Singular is excited to offer an enhanced Fraud Prevention Suite that is included with attribution and proactively rejects fraud while adapting to your app’s ecosystem.

Fraud takes place in many different forms and is always evolving. This is why Singular considers all fraud detection signals and all known fraud prevention methods to

  • Show you where and when fraud is taking place
  • Proactively reject fraud clicks, installs, and events
  • Give you complete control over when and how to take action on fraudulent activity

Using Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite, you are equipped with the sophistication, control, and adaptability to keep sources clean and media budgets focused on quality users.

Here are just a few key highlights of our Fraud Prevention Suite:

Comprehensive protection against fraud
Singular considers all detection indicators and protection methods to actively reject fraudulent installs, clicks, and events within pre-defined thresholds.

Adaptive to evolving fraud
Singular evolves as fraud evolves adapting based on the trends of various fraud signals within your app’s environment.

Controllable rejection methods
Singular gives you complete control over how to take action on fraud. Turn on and off preset rejection rules or create custom rules to reject or flag fraudulent installs.

Advanced, flexible reporting
Singular offers the same powerful reporting to quickly investigate both rejected and suspicious traffic sources, and drill down to the publisher, campaign, geo, and site level.

Transparency of protected assets
Singular provides complete transparency of all your reporting. Understand where and how your app is being targeted by fraudsters and see how your ROI is being protected.

Visualization of fraud metrics
Singular gives you clean and easy-to-analyze fraud insights with graphical representation of the fraud metrics that matter to you such as rejected installs and cost savings.

We are dedicated to combatting fraud and have engineers working around the clock to understand the latest fraud threats and implement the best prevention methods available. In our most recent research we have uncovered the current state of mobile ad fraud prevention and the percent prevalence of each type of fraud, as well as the top 20 least fraudulent networks. Find out what to be aware of and where to keep your budgets focused for the most quality users.

Get more information about Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite and request a demo today!

Download The Singular Fraud Index to see The Industry’s Most Active Fraud Prevention Methods & The 20 Most Secure Mobile Ad Networks

LoseIt Taps Singular’s Unified Product To Expose A Complete View of Users – From Acquisition Through Engagement

We’re excited to announce that Lose It!, one of the world’s most popular health and wellness apps, has partnered with Singular to strengthen its marketing attribution and analytics.

The Lose It! team will leverage all aspects of the unified analytics solution resulting from the recent merger of Singular and Apsalar. With this fully integrated offering, Lose It! will be able to connect, measure, and optimize its acquisition and lifecycle marketing data across paid and organic sources from a single platform.

“We didn’t want to work with multiple vendors to get the data we need,” says Eliza Jonathan, Growth Manager at Lose It!. “Singular’s unified product lets us retrieve and measure as much information as possible to discover the KPIs that are most valuable for our app. Now we can optimize towards these KPIs across every part of our app’s growth funnel – from acquisition to engagement through premium upgrade.”

Their Story
Lose It! was founded in 2008 to help real people achieve real weight loss by delivering an easy, personalized, app-based program. Since then, Lose It! has attracted more than 30 million downloads, and has consistently been ranked among the top apps in the Apple app store’s fitness and wellness category, and for good reason: Lose It! has helped its members lose over 50 million pounds.

Their Goals
In choosing a marketing analytics platform, the Lose It! team had several goals in mind:

  • Integrate analytics across all marketing channels
    “It’s essential for us to see beyond front-end acquisition data and expose what our users do further down funnel, so marketing can be optimized for downstream activity.”
  • Reduce reporting bottlenecks & operational overhead
    “Manual collection and analysis of marketing data in Excel wasn’t sustainable as it took hours to collate. In searching for a way to automate the process, we didn’t want to work with multiple vendors to get the attribution and analytics data we needed.”
  • Reduce reliance on Engineering
    “When onboarding a new channel, mapping events to our data warehouse required the help of engineers, which prevented us from easily testing and setting up analytics for new channels.”
  • Access deeper analytics
    “Network dashboards and internal reports weren’t meeting our analytics needs. In some cases, segmentation by date, ad group and cohort was limited. Or, we could only see conversions by campaign, not the sum of conversions by Geo or across the entire channel.”

Their Solution
After integrating Singular, the Lose It! team is already seeing the value of centralizing its acquisition and attribution data, with Singular’s powerful analytics tools layered on top.

Lose It! connected its ad channels and lifecycle management tools to Singular, giving Lose It! the ability to see if users coming from a specific channel or campaign are highly engaged with the app and are taking high-value actions. “The value of Singular is not just the users we obtain, but also what we learn about those users through other marketing channels like in-app messaging and email marketing,” says Jonathan.

Insights are derived from highly accurate and flexible ROI and CPA data, which the team can analyze on a channel, campaign, creative and publisher-level.

While platform integrations with new ad channels previously required assistance from engineering, now integrations are streamlined. “When I set up a new advertising channel, I can go into Singular and select which events I want to map to that channel on my own, without engineering help.”

“Singular will make it really easy to test and optimize new channels and see an apples-to-apples comparison between channels all in one place.”

Download The Singular ROI Index to see the world’s first ranking of ad networks by app ROI.

San Francisco Business Times Chooses Singular as a Best Place to Work in 2017!

The core of our success starts with our employees, those who joined our tribe to work towards a shared vision.

Today we’re honored to announce that we’ve been recognized by the San Francisco Business Times as a Best Place to Work in 2017.

Wondering what it’s like to work at one of San Francisco’s Best?

At Singular, we encourage creativity, unity, recognition and reward each and every day. We support employee growth with encouraged transparency across teams so anyone can gain exposure to a new area of the business when interested.

Our perks go much beyond competitive compensation, generous medical/dental/vision coverage and the newest Macbooks. Our brand new office has sit-to-stand desks, a fully stocked kitchen, ping-pong table, cornhole and video games. We welcome all pets in the office — we’ve even had a pet hedgehog spend the day with us. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, big accomplishment or small win, we find any excuse to celebrate together. We encourage our team to find a positive life balance through flexible work schedules including work from home days and unlimited time off. We also have frequent “Wellness Moments” with Plank & Push-Up Mondays, rock-climbing outings and yoga in the office.

Learn more about life at Singular here.

Sounds great right? Well, guess what, we’re looking for more people to add to our awesome team! Check out all of our open positions.

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Singular’s Granular Reporting Gives Match Group a Competitive Edge to Target More Accurately

Match Group is a pioneer in the online dating industry, with an enviable market share and operating over 45 of the world’s most popular dating apps in more than 190 countries, including Match, Tinder, OKCupid, Meetic, PlentyOfFish and OurTime.

Match needed to scale its marketing efforts fast as the company’s portfolio continued to grow at a rapid rate. In order to do this efficiently, automation of data engineering and accurate tracking of campaigns were top priority.

Instead of focusing on scaling our mobile spend, we were consumed with just getting the reporting done of past campaigns — countless hours a week were wasted on calculating basic levels of costs. We needed a sophisticated way to not only aggregate this data, but access granular levels of insights

said James Peng, Head of Mobile & Social Acquisition.

Initially, the team had to manually calculate costs and attribute these to installs, which proved to be a highly unscalable process. Aside from the time spent to report on these metrics, the team needed more granular reporting into campaign performance to achieve more accurate targeting.

We have many partners on various platforms that have non-standardized or only manual reporting options — and these integrations aren’t apples to apples. Instead of building out and more importantly, maintaining, individual integrations into our BI which would require significant and ongoing engineering resources, we chose a solution that had a proven record of accurately aggregating the granular levels of data we needed. Having a solid, strong support team is an added bonus.

Singular standardizes and automates Match’s marketing reporting across 40+ channels for its major apps on both iOS and Android.

We first parse out all daily data from Singular, then bounce it against a mapping table that we maintain that matches campaign names and channels to our internal tracking schema.

says Peng. Cost, impression and click data is then tracked into Match’s internal reporting system to give the marketing team insights to apply to future campaigns.

Match tracks Cost per Registration, CVR and CPM with Singular. “CPM is a critical metric that better indicates market competition,” says Peng, who notes that staying competitive in the dating vertical is challenging since the targeted market and user base is much more precise than that of a gaming app.

CVR is also used as a warning sign to help Match protect against fraud. “Fraud is a huge problem and we’ve shut down many channels due to this. Singular helps us look at conversion rate on a granular level or anomalies with click volumes at different times to identify suspicious activity.”

By facilitating such granular reporting, Singular allows Match to stay competitive and ensure the correct types of checks and balances are in place to avoid working with untrustworthy partners.

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MWC: Where’s the Party at?

Over 100,000 people are gearing up to gather in Barcelona to connect with the who’s who of the mobile industry at Mobile World Congress. Days are filled with meetings, presentations and walking, a lot. But we all know one thing: the conference is only half the fun. That’s why we’ve put together the largest list of events, meet-ups and parties happening throughout the week.

Don’t miss out — find out where you should be and when now.

P.S. If you are looking for a place to relax and recharge during those busy, busy days, we’ve also got you covered. Stop by Booth #7UP.50 in the Upper Walkway between Hall 7 and 8.1 to grab a free beer while you charge your devices.

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Postmates Partners with Singular to Scale its Growth Marketing with Deeper Insights

Postmates, the on-demand delivery logistics company that defined the food and delivery industry as we know it today, has partnered with Singular to scale its company’s growth marketing with deeper insights across mobile and desktop.

Postmates is a company that operates the largest on-­demand delivery fleet in 44 major metropolitan markets in the US.

Postmates’ mission is to power the logistics behind fast deliveries from any type of merchant at scale. So when Postmates decided it was time to take a fresh, data-driven approach to its marketing strategy, it was all but necessary to find a platform that aligned with this mission; to allow the marketing team to make fast decisions at scale.

Postmates’ Growth Team has some ambitious goals ahead of them for 2017, including reducing its cost per acquisition for fleet and new customers by 50%, while still hitting its growth targets. In order to achieve this, Dan Dumitru, Head of Paid Acquisition at Postmates, knew the foundation of the team’s reporting process was critical to the on-demand delivery company’s success.

Our team is focused on two major initiatives: driving new customers and increasing the size of our fleet. In order to scale our efforts while also cutting costs, we needed a full picture of our app user acquisition performance and to close the gaps in the data that result from manual reporting,” says Dumitru, who is leading the charge. “The manual reporting we’ve been doing in Excel couldn’t give us the level of granularity we needed, not to mention the accuracy we were looking for, to make strategic decisions.

Singular will power the Postmates growth marketing stack to support the acquisition of customers and fleet drivers. Initially, Singular will track and analyze performance across over a dozen different ad networks driving users to become Postmates customers as well as over ten different sources driving new fleet applications and will allow Postmates to easily add and remove networks as they are tested. Day-to-day, Singular’s Custom Reports will empower the Growth Team to uncover granular insights into events down the funnel, post install while allowing the Executive Team to keep a pulse on how these efforts are tracking towards goals.

Importantly for Postmates, they will also rely on Creative Reports to view costs for acquiring new app customers broken out at the creative level to better optimize towards their goals. The Postmates Growth Team will also benefit from Workflow Automation to react in real-time when app marketing performance metrics dip or exceed preset thresholds.

We’ll be utilizing the full Singular platform to drive insights into prior and current campaigns, to then devise a strategy, like testing new sources and finding new inventory, shifting budgets to where our pockets of profitability are, optimizing creatives based on historical performance — we couldn’t do this before in an efficient or effective way” says Dumitru.

Susan Kuo, COO and Co-Founder of Singular, is thrilled to begin this partnership.

After meeting the Postmates team who has proven to be as ambitious as we are to bring innovation to a historically unmanageable group of tools and data sets, we couldn’t wait to get them on-boarded. We look forward to helping Postmates take full advantage of the Singular platform to grow its business in the future.

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Announcing The Singular Referral Program!

We are continually humbled by all of you, our fans and partners, for so many referrals of Singular over the years. It has made us proud to keep innovating and to continue bringing marketers tools that allow them to make faster and smarter decisions every day.

So to all of you who have been referring us and to all of you who are thinking about it, it’s pay-back time.

Refer a friend to Singular and as a thank you for each referral, we’ll send you a $250 Visa gift card once they become a customer. There is no limit to how many referrals you can make either, so start spreading the word! Learn more now.


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