Announcing Singular’s Audience Management, now with vastly improved distribution and flexibility

By John Koetsier June 19, 2019

Singular makes messaging up to 20% more timely and relevant

Marketing intelligence platform Singular is releasing the next generation of Audience Management today. The new update offers laser-precise targeting and dynamic syncing to make marketing messages much more relevant to prospects and customers than competing solutions.

Partners are looking forward to the improvements.

“Singular’s updated Audience Management is a great way for advertisers to reach the people they care about on Snapchat easily and effectively,” says Kent Moy, Head of measurement partnerships at Snap.

Most audience solutions deliver exports of segments of customers or users that a brand wants to communicate with, support, sell to, or re-engage. The problem is that existing tools suffer from rigid creation capabilities and slow to no dynamic syncing with media sources to ensure audiences stay fresh.

The results are wasted impressions, irrelevant campaigns, and mistargeted customers or users. And that translates to poor performance.

For example, the customer who hadn’t purchased yet when the audience was created buys an hour later … and almost immediately gets an invitation to essentially re-buy the same shoes. The diner who hasn’t been in the booking app for weeks gets a re-engagement push just after opening the app to get dinner reservations. And the struggling gamer gets an in-app offer for a level that she’s already passed.

Ultimately, this makes brands look foolish, and kills their digital advantage: one-to-one communication at scale with context. It also impairs their ability to optimize campaigns.

The solution is Singular’s new Audience Management, now in general availability.

Rebuilt in consultation with the world’s best marketers at globally-recognizable brands, Singular’s re-envisioning of audience management automatically refreshes audience segments on an hourly basis, ensuring your marketing campaigns respond much faster to changes. That makes them much more relevant to your customers and users. The win for marketers is that they waste less time sending irrelevant ads, messages, and offers … and their campaigns are being refined automatically without any additional effort on their part. Ultimately, the result is that marketers outperform their competitors who are updating audiences only daily or weekly.

In addition, Audience Management is highly customizable with multiple and/or conditions that enable precision targeting. This ensures brands send only the right messages to the right people, at the right time.

Audience Management

The result is up to a 20% improvement in clickthrough rate on marketing messages, helping brands drive more action, more engagement, and ultimately more revenue.

Audience Management is just the latest update to the Singular platform.

Singular is continually adding best-in-class functionality to growth marketers’ core growth stack technology, unified in Singular’s Marketing Intelligence Platform. Singular customers can enable the new functionality today in consultation with their customer service managers. New clients can evaluate the technology in a live demo.

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About Singular

Singular is a Marketing Intelligence Platform that transforms marketing data into accurate, granular and actionable insights to drive growth. By unifying marketing campaign data with attribution data, marketers can measure ROI from every touchpoint across multiple channels for a single source of truth. Singular currently tracks over $10 billion in digital marketing spend to revenue and lifetime value across industries including retail, finance, travel, gaming, entertainment, media, and on-demand services. Singular customers include companies like Lyft, Yelp, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Symantec, Zynga, Match, and Twitter. Singular is backed by Norwest Venture Partners, General Catalyst, Thomvest Ventures, Method Capital, Translink Capital, DCM and Telstra Ventures. Visit to learn more.

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