AI and marketing: 1500 mobile marketers’ top 10 goals for AI

By John Koetsier July 11, 2019

We already know that actionable insights are CMOs’ top priority in 2019. AI is a big way they’re planning to get there.

One big reason: the need for performance at scale.

One of Singular’s customers, N3twork, tests 50 new videos a week. Another, Yelp, needs to analyze hundreds of campaigns and even more creatives … in real time. Ilyon already had hundreds of millions of app installs, but wanted a massive 98% growth in the last year.

Performance is one thing. Performance at scale needs automation and intelligence.

There’s a “need to have contextualized understanding of aggregated customer data across the organization … marketing teams will need to rely on AI to achieve this level of high performance at scale,” IBM’s CMO for Watson Felicity Carson told me recently.

So what do marketers want AI to do for them? Here’s what 1,500 marketers we surveyed recently told us.

  1. Personalize advertising: 47.5%
    The holy grail? Marketers want AI to send the right ad to the right person.
  2. Automate data analysis: 46.1%
    Escape Excel hell? Put your servers to work.
  3. Personalize customer communications: 43%
    Customer emails are hard. Maybe automation can help
  4. Suggest marketing mix changes: 42.4%
    You want to grow. AI can analyze your marketing mix and suggest changes.
  5. See new opportunities: 41.4%
    Finding pockets of growth is hard. But computers don’t sleep.
  6. Forecast and predict results: 39.8%
    Spending hundreds of thousands of marketing dollars is stressful. Accurate predictions would help.
  7. Suggest budget changes: 39.7%
    Would increasing your bid also boost ROI? AI might be able to tell you.
  8. Automate campaigns: 38.4%
    Campaigns need management: adjustment, trimming, extending.
  9. Alert about problems: 38.2%
    No-one wants to learn about a big mistake too late to fix it.
  10. Identify top-performing creative: 36.7%
    Top creative has outsized results. Smart systems can help you find it early.

One superpower that smart systems are starting to enable: saving you time and money.

“Marketing data and insights [will become] cheaper due to marketing AI platforms,” says Brandon Andersen, Chief Strategist at Ceralytics. “It will no longer take big budgets, multiple data vendors, and a team of analysts to get actionable insights.”

That’s a savings on BI teams’ time, so they can focus on creative projects that generate value, rather than simply digging through data.

Singular’s smart systems already automate huge chunks of the data analysis, integration, and combining that otherwise, you’d have to do manually. In addition, Singular alerts marketers when problems — or opportunities — arise. And Singular identifies top-performing creative: the images that are most likely to convert.

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