Leveling up to pro-level mobile ad monetization? Get insights from Game Hive, Neon Play, Voodoo, and Mopub

By John Koetsier October 16, 2020

Everyone can toss an SDK into their app and start monetizing via ads.

But is everyone a pro at maximizing ad-based revenue? Designing their apps to make ads part of the experience, not an annoying afterthought? Scaling ad revenue while maintaining a high-quality user experience?

Perhaps not surprisingly, I’m not. But we’ve lined up an all-star cast of mobile leaders who are, and they’re going to share their secrets later this month in a new Singular webinar on ad monetization. I’ll be moderating, and those stars are:

  • Mary Kim, Head of Growth at Game Hive
  • Mark Allen, CTO and Co-founder at Neon Play
  • Noam Yasour, Senior Managing Director at MoPub
  • Lisi Gardiner, Senior Product Manager at Singular
  • Ido Naim, VP GameOps and Analytics at Voodoo

On Thursday, October 29, we’re going to chat about growing and scaling revenue. About when to use ads and when to use in-app purchases. About what kinds of ads to use at which stages of onboarding and the user journey, about how to mix IAPs and ads intelligently across all your users to maximize not only revenue but also retention, and more. We’ll also get into team composition, where it should fit in your company, and who should be involved between marketing, product, and monetization.

Plus, we’ll talk about fill rate, avoiding retention issues, granularity of ad monetization data, and yes … the impact of iOS 14 and IDFA opt-in on ad monetization and your ability to get maximum value for your ads.

There’s a lot to dive into here, and there’s a lot that’s changing. We look forward to having you in the webinar, and we’ll have some time for questions as well. (And, as per usual, if we can’t answer your question during the event, we’ll answer it later.)

You do not want to miss this webinar.

It’s on Thursday, October 29, at 10 AM Pacific. If that time doesn’t work for you, sign up anyways and we’ll notify you when the on-demand version becomes available.

Sign up here: Ad Monetization Tips: How the Pros Optimize Ad Revenue.

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