8 Must-see sessions at UNIFY 2018

By John Koetsier June 4, 2018

UNIFY, Singular’s exclusive growth marketing summit, is just a couple of weeks away on June 19th! We’ve built this inaugural summit in order to get the movers and shakers of the mobile industry together and disrupt the norms of marketing as we know it. Complete with fantastic food, gorgeous amenities at Vintage House in Napa Valley, an all-star speaker lineup, and attendees from some of the biggest names in mobile, UNIFY 2018 is an experience you absolutely can’t miss.

With just a couple of weeks left, we’re excited to share some of the amazing content we have in store! Here’s a quick run-through of 8 thought-provoking sessions you’ll learn from at UNIFY 2018:

1: Panel: Building a modern stack to power a cross-channel and cross-platform strategy

  • Tim Hsu, Head of Growth at Riot Games
  • Noa Gutterman, Head of Growth Marketing at HER
  • Guillaume McIntyre, Head of Digital Marketing at Instacart
  • James Peng, Consultant
  • Moderated by Adam Lovallo, Co-founder & Editor at

This panel will discuss the challenges resulting from the modern mobile marketing stack. These experts will address how to connect data across your entire marketing stack, combine it to effectively calculate ROI, and monitor the accuracy of your results.

2: Disrupting the Norms of Mobile Measurement, by Dan Barnes, COO at N3TWORK 
N3TWORK is pioneering the future of the mobile marketing stack. Get an inside look at how they have focused on pushing the norms of mobile measurement to scale quickly, efficiently and successfully.

3: Panel: Granularity, Check!….Now that you have, what can you do with it?

  • Eyal Grundstein, Head of Performance at Yelp
  • Andy Park, Director of UA at Kabam
  • Patrick Witham, Director of UA at Postmates
  • Warren Woodward, E. Director of UA at Nexon
  • Eric Seufert, Platform at N3TWORK
  • Moderated by Victor Savath, VP Customer Strategy at Singular

We often hear about the importance of getting granular data, whether it be campaign, publisher, keyword or creative level data, but what do marketers actually do with it once they have it? Hear it first hand from our growth marketing experts on how they put their data to work.

4: Disrupting the norms of mobile measurement, a fireside chat with Dan Barnes, COO of N3TWORK
The technology and capability of mobile measurement is constantly evolving, and it’s time to share some insights on how the norms need to change as well.

5: How to Align Internal Teams to Achieve the best ROI

  • Ben Shanken, Director of Product, Growth at Lyft
  • Jake Bailey, Sr. Manager Digital Marketing at LinkedIn
  • Esther Hwang, Director of Growth at Poshmark
  • Dun Wang, VP Product & Growth at Calm
  • Moderated by Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, Head of Marketing at SmartNews

In this panel discussion, we’ll sit down with industry experts across different functions to discuss the importance, challenges, and solutions for aligning internal teams to achieve the best ROI.

6: Not just another Fraud Prevention session: Real research, Real actions, No complaints by Yevgeny Peres, VP Growth at Ironsource
During this talk, you’ll get an an inside look into how fraudsters have evolved from stealing organic installs to stealing from other paid channels and cannibalizing your ability to grow. We’ll look at the evolution of mobile ad fraud, and provide a framework every marketer should adopt to protect your dollars and prevent fraud from happening.

7: Attribution: Beyond Last Click Models by Alok Gupta, Head of Marketing Science at Lyft
Why do we need attribution? Why do we invest so much time and money and people into understanding it? Why is it so difficult and what are some of the best methods available? In this talk we walk through some high level, often philosophical, questions that marketing teams face today.

8: The Holy Grail of Marketing: Unlocking the full customer journey by Gadi Eliashiv, CEO and Co-founder at Singular
Hear from out CEO about ways to gauge the ever-important customer journey.

And to round it all off, we’re hosting White party under the stars!
Bring white party attire and let’s all enjoy a night of gourmet al-fresco dining and live music on the gorgeous Hotel Villagio Pavilion to celebrate the end of our inaugural UNIFY summit!

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