Introducing Singular’s Certified Partner Program

Singular is the pioneer in unifying campaign data and attribution data from thousands of media sources to provide a single source of truth for granular ROI analysis. As such, our partners sit at the core of our technology, providing data excellence that drives the intelligent insights in order for marketers to scale performance.

To hold our partners accountable at the highest level of data integrity, we are excited to announce the launch of the Singular Certified Partner Program!

The Certified Partner Program (CPP) is our commitment to the industry to set the standard for data integrity within our partner ecosystem. Therefore, we raised the bar high with strict requirements to be considered for the program. We categorized these requirements into three main areas of focus:

  • Data excellence
    The partner is passing both aggregated campaign data and user-level attribution data
  • Data governance
    The partner is passing all campaign analytics data via an API, has complied with GDPR, and has committed to combating mobile app fraud.
  • Service commitment
    The partner has a minimum designated list of mutual customers, is receiving training across relevant business teams on the Singular platform, and has committed to ongoing market development and account mapping efforts.

After an extensive audit across our integrated partners, we identified 12 launch partners that met all requirements and showcased the highest value to our advertisers. We are pleased to announce the following partners as part of the Certified Partner Program launch!

single source of truth

Jeremy Bondy, VP Revenue, Vungle
“Vungle is excited to be an inaugural member of Singular’s Certified Partner Program, which will create the gold standard of data integrity for the mobile app industry. As the trusted guide for mobile growth and engagement, Vungle looks forward to championing these new practices through Singular’s CPP and improving ROI for advertisers”

Sarah Chafer, SVP, Global Performance Sales, Tapjoy
“We are extremely proud to be a trusted participant in the Singular Certified Partner Program. As a leader in the mobile app industry for over 10 years, our mission is to provide the transparent & qualified campaign data that all marketers deserve.”

Troy Nicolaou, Director of Performance, AdColony
“We are proud to be a part of the Singular Certified Partner Program and to continue our collaborative investment in bringing the highest value to the best and brightest marketers around the world.”

Over the course of the year, we will be working closely with all our integrated partners to build everyone to the same level of excellence as our launch partners. Together we are the trusted source for marketing intelligence and look forward to further setting industry standards.

For more information on how to become a Singular Certified Partner, reach out to

Apple Search Ads outpaces performance on all other channels by 2X

Singular has always taken pride in pioneering the unification of campaign data from thousands of media sources with attribution data and customer data. The result is unrivaled granular ROI analysis for the best and brightest marketers in the world.

We were at the forefront of integrating Apple Search Ads at inception in October of 2016 and have since enabled our customers to grow and scale performance by 48% in spend year over year.  That is almost 2X the pace of total spend across all media channels!

Now with the recent recognition as an Apple Search Ads Partner, we have an opportunity to keep our customers on this same trajectory.

Apple Search Ads offers one of the most efficient and simple ways for people to discover your app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, as proven by the numbers. Looking at Singular customers’ advertising withApple Search Ads, we observed a 39% increase in app installs from 2017 to 2018 with a 5% decrease in cost per install.

What about my return?

Our goal is to help advertisers efficiently scale performance. Clearly, revenue and ROI are key considerations for app publishers.

If we look at 2018 compared to 2017, Singular customers boosted revenue from Apple Search Ads driven app installs by 5.5%. Additionally, looking at 30 day revenue in Q1 2019, we saw an average ROI of 36%.

According to SensorTower, this scale doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Projections call for Apple Search Ads’ platform to increase 104% from 2018 to 2023 globally.

“With 65% of all iOS app downloads originating from the App Store and emphasis on factors like relevancy to improve discoverability, Apple Search Ads is in a unique position to consistently provide the highest ROI for app marketers,” says Singular COO and co-founder Susan Kuo. “We are excited to continue collaborating with Apple Search Ads as a recognized partner and look forward to providing our customers with new product innovations that further improve their App Store performance.”

Tracking your success

Tracking your Apple Search Ads performance is simple with Singular.

If you are an existing customer, check out the Help Center or reach out to your customer success manager for more information.

Want to learn more about Singular’s Marketing Intelligence Platform? Read the complete guide to the new standard for growth marketing, or request more info from one of our specialists.

Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite: The Most Sophisticated Fraud Prevention in the Market, at no Additional Cost

Advertising fraud is expected to divert $6.5 billion from the advertising ecosystem in 2017, according to research by Gartner. Yet 63% of marketers do not utilize fraud prevention techniques in their mobile marketing systems.

We don’t want our customers to be another statistic. This is why we have taken a new approach to fraud prevention. While most attribution providers are treating fraud prevention as a luxury, charging exorbitant fees to “add on” prevention technology, Singular believes it is a necessity and should be included as part of the attribution solution. Additionally, while many providers offer comprehensive insights into the fraud that is taking place, these insights are not necessarily actionable or proactive.

As such, Singular is excited to offer an enhanced Fraud Prevention Suite that is included with attribution and proactively rejects fraud while adapting to your app’s ecosystem.

Fraud takes place in many different forms and is always evolving. This is why Singular considers all fraud detection signals and all known fraud prevention methods to

  • Show you where and when fraud is taking place
  • Proactively reject fraud clicks, installs, and events
  • Give you complete control over when and how to take action on fraudulent activity

Using Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite, you are equipped with the sophistication, control, and adaptability to keep sources clean and media budgets focused on quality users.

Here are just a few key highlights of our Fraud Prevention Suite:

Comprehensive protection against fraud
Singular considers all detection indicators and protection methods to actively reject fraudulent installs, clicks, and events within pre-defined thresholds.

Adaptive to evolving fraud
Singular evolves as fraud evolves adapting based on the trends of various fraud signals within your app’s environment.

Controllable rejection methods
Singular gives you complete control over how to take action on fraud. Turn on and off preset rejection rules or create custom rules to reject or flag fraudulent installs.

Advanced, flexible reporting
Singular offers the same powerful reporting to quickly investigate both rejected and suspicious traffic sources, and drill down to the publisher, campaign, geo, and site level.

Transparency of protected assets
Singular provides complete transparency of all your reporting. Understand where and how your app is being targeted by fraudsters and see how your ROI is being protected.

Visualization of fraud metrics
Singular gives you clean and easy-to-analyze fraud insights with graphical representation of the fraud metrics that matter to you such as rejected installs and cost savings.

We are dedicated to combatting fraud and have engineers working around the clock to understand the latest fraud threats and implement the best prevention methods available. In our most recent research we have uncovered the current state of mobile ad fraud prevention and the percent prevalence of each type of fraud, as well as the top 20 least fraudulent networks. Find out what to be aware of and where to keep your budgets focused for the most quality users.

Get more information about Singular’s Fraud Prevention Suite and request a demo today!

Download The Singular Fraud Index to see The Industry’s Most Active Fraud Prevention Methods & The 20 Most Secure Mobile Ad Networks