Singular offers the most sophisticated fraud prevention in the market at no additional cost.

Singular’s fraud prevention suite utilizes all known prevention methods to ensure maximum protection against existing fraud threats as well as unknown threats to come. We take a proactive approach to rejecting fraudulent activity and adapt to an ever-evolving fraud ecosystem.

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Singular considers all detection indicators at the most granular levels, as well as all known protection methods to actively reject fraud within pre-defined thresholds.

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Singular evolves as fraud evolves adapting based on the trends of various fraud indicators within an app’s environment.

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Singular gives marketers complete control over how to take action on fraud. Configure preset rejection rules or create custom rules to reject or flag fraudulent installs.

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Singular offers the same powerful reporting to quickly investigate both rejected and suspicious traffic sources, and drill down to the publisher, campaign, geo and site level.

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Singular provides complete transparency of all your reporting. Understand where and how your app is being targeted by fraudsters and see how your ROI is being protected.

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Singular gives you clean and easy to analyze fraud insights with graphical representation of the fraud metrics that matter to you such as rejected installs and cost savings.

Don’t be a statistic. Take control of your mobile app fraud.

63% of marketers do not utilize fraud prevention techniques in their mobile marketing systems

Visualize Fraud

Get a quick snapshot of your real-time fraud activities in a customizable dashboard

Get the Facts

Drill down to the most granular levels to understand where and how fraud is taking place

Stay Protected

Understand the potential damage to ROI and protect against install hijacking

Take Control

Create custom rules to reject installs, or flag as “suspect” for further inspection

Singular offers the most sophisticated fraud prevention in the market at no additional cost.

Singular takes into account every known fraud signal and applies rules-based methods and statistical methods in order to maximize protection.

Rule-Based Fraud Prevention

Singular automatically applies deterministic rules in real-time to block installs before they are attributed. These rules serve as a first-line of defense in the fight against fraud and utilize signals surfaced by the more complex Statistical Methods.

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Singular automatically verifies the IP address of every device, uses heuristic rules to identify fraudulent publishers, and maintains a proprietary list of suspicious devices to detect and block fraudulent attributions.

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Geographic Outliers

The geographic distance between the location of a click and the corresponding install can be an indicator of click spamming. When the distance between a click and an install exceeds a given threshold or is otherwise anomalistic, installs are flagged as geographic outliers and attribution is blocked.

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When Singular receives an irregularly high number of clicks from a given source, it can be a sign of click spamming. Therefore, when the number of matching clicks tied to an install exceeds a certain threshold, an attribution is blocked.

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Install Validation

iOS devices support install receipts which Singular verifies with Apple to ensure the app was actually installed from the App Store on the given device. When a valid install receipt is not detected, the attribution is blocked.

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Short Time to Install (TTI)

When the amount of time between an ad click and the resulting install is irregularly small, it can be a sign that the install was “hijacked” by fraudsters using a click injection scheme. Singular combines this along with other techniques to block the attribution.

Statistical Fraud Prevention

Not all fraud is detected by Rule-Based Methods, therefore Singular also uses Statistical Methods to reveal fraud indicators that can only be observed when examining multiple attributions. Once Statistical Methods are used to identify a source as fraudulent, the source is added to a publisher blacklist and blocked thereafter.

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Time to Install Outliers

Singular measures click-to-install times across multiple installs within a given source to spot abnormal distributions that indicate a source is sending fraudulent traffic.

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Too Many New Devices

Singular looks for an abnormally high percentage of installs associated with new devices or devices with Limit Ad Tracking enabled (which masks device-level information) to indicate a fraudulent source.

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OS Version Distribution

Singular analyzes the OS versions of devices that install an app to spot source-level anomalies. For example, an abnormally high count of old devices attributed to a specific source may indicate that a source is leveraging vulnerabilities in outdated devices to engage in fraud.

The State of Mobile Fraud Prevention

Nearly 70% of the total fraud prevented each month is attempted via attribution manipulation, or fraudsters trying to steal credit for installs from organic and non-organic sources.


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